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Over the past week, social media reshar­ing of a large num­ber of the same memes, web­sites, and news arti­cles by many indi­vid­u­als and large groups of peo­ple has led Face­book’s algo­rithms to mis­tak­en­ly flag a lot of impor­tant info­graph­ic memes, med­ical web­sites, and gov­ern­ment resources as spam.

In par­tic­u­lar, I have been UNABLE to post the URL for the BC Gov­ern­men­t’s online COVID-19 Self Assess­ment Check­list, which allows peo­ple to assess com­mon signs and symp­toms and deter­mine whether they will require fur­ther action in the form of a pre­booked COVID-19 test.

Because the Face­book plat­form is fail­ing to func­tion nor­mal­ly under these unex­pect­ed cir­cum­stances, these resources are fre­quent­ly get­ting flagged as Com­mu­ni­ty Guide­lines vio­la­tions — with­out an option for review — even though they are ful­ly com­pli­ant with the Terms of Ser­vice. There sim­ply is no way to appeal them, no way to fix the error at the end-user lev­el, and no way to force the plat­form to accept those memes and links.

I am not with­out a back­up plan, how­ev­er.

As of next week, I will begin post­ing impor­tant COVID-19 sto­ries and resources to this domain for wider dis­sem­i­na­tion.

With the URLs being unique for each blog post, hope­ful­ly this can act as a suit­able workaround and let us to get the word out about vital resources while not being mis­tak­en­ly affect­ed by var­i­ous social media plat­form con­tent fil­ter­ing sys­tem.

Stay tuned. We’re gonna be kickin’ it old school …