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I was using sparklers for this shot, something that was beautifully captured by the camera as the time lapse went on. In the future, I’d like to end up doing some trick shots using steel wool, fire poi, and other materials for better effect. There is also a backlit beach fire scene I have in mind that would be fun to assemble someday (but it’s totally going to take several people to create it).

On the subject of steel wool time lapse photos, this video by another YouTuber explains the process in depth (along with the obligatory fiery eye candy):

State of the Domain

First off, to anyone that sent me an e-mail over the past month, it seems that a few were eaten by the server between maintenance cycles. Apparently there was a spooling error which has since been sorted out, so if you didn’t receive a response, please re-send as needed!

And now for something completely different … photos of the ongoing journey, and some thoughts on the future of this domain.


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