Monthly Archives: January 2007

Sincerely, a Fan.

Formless and free, in universal form
Neither one nor the other, you walk
As gender you have enshrined
The beauty within both sides:
All of it, as far as possible
Never stopping till all paths lit,

Bravely, without the ghost of shame or fear
You give the world a glance of the new —
Something wild and free from bonds
Something honest for all to love

For those like you,
The lights you burn,
The sparkle you let fly,
The doors you open,
The lines you shatter,
The stigmas you erase,
And the fun you have doing it
With music and song …

For a job so very well done
As few would have courage to do

May you always stand tall above the tide.

Twisting Wires

Here I sit quietly, ever twisting wires,
A fey wonder of the world unseen

But as turmoil leaves me nigh untouched
And those around me now turn a blind eye

I simply sit quietly, twisting wires
Shaping anew the subtle realities

My magic blends into daily scenes
Transparent as glass in a silent pond

Children run and play in jovial bliss
While here I sit, the components in my grasp

And my peers give me a nod, or the rare question
“What is it exactly that you do here?”

And I will but shrug, and let loose a smile
And pretend as if nothing had just happened

Time to carry on and see the next, friend,
Let us be carried away by a world of wonders!

A million glittering fireflies shall light my way home
As on invisible wings I will alight to my place

Now midnight! I look down in wry smiles
And float up to the heart of the dreaming

Thinking always of inalienable truths
Thinking always of my life’s call —

Magic revealed ne’er brings dreams of its own
And wonders in pieces are seen as just that,

So there, friend, lies my reasons of secrecy
For the world needs new wonders each morn,
And the world needs new dreamers each night,

Let inspiration’s vision be thy clarion call —
When you’re sitting still as I,
Quietly twisting wires.


Blossoming clouds
Starfire and veils all!
Alight in freedom’s breath,
Music of the heavens
Carefree laughs from on high

With starfire and veils
We dress the world with a banner of hope
Anoint the land in drops of paradise

And from forest crown to deepest stream
Let our song ring and no ears fall deaf

Now let your body fall free
And your wings carry you high!

From this day you are reborn carefree,
To dance across the skies,
And never miss a step.


As I lay down my head
Turning off for the stars
In the night to the mists
Now conveyed as a spark

Now a ghost in the shell
And the dreams that may come
Be the king of the world
Or a dove in the skies

But what good is a king
Whose riches turn to tears?
And where is my peace
Once my sunlit flight shall end?

With a download flash
I’ll be back in my body
To carry the fiery sunrise
For another new day

And we’re asking why
To the dawn of the endless
And we’re asking why
That this dreaming ends

Oh why, with cap in hand
We’re offloaded to a fall
And a hundred blinks of chaos?
To sort it piece by piece …

And as I mourn this night
A billion martyred stars,
Flame-tongued warriors, kept on fighting
For a breath of daylight freedom

And will I live again?
Does this air greet my face,
Or was it shuffled away, so random
During the dreams of daylight glory? —
To open other doors,
Which leads me far from home.

And we call it the soul
Which is it really nature’s code?
And it seems like … no one
Truly sees the bugs within

For now they call it death,
Until I call to end the dream
With a shower of sakura
And a billion sun-ground raindrops

And now we call it life,
We call it life.