Monthly Archives: January 2010


O’er the long way home again
The roads came alive in mist,
With powder fresh, in rivulets
The tides of night do flow

Ever onward, creeping forward,
Not a step or turn in retreat,
Steering true as the snow drifts
Guide me softly, softly home

Their shapeless, dancing torrents
Cry out in a vision of silent joy
And as seen by nary a traveller
They are loved by even fewer

Yet take heart, ye worn and wary
For this winter’s close to hand
Curl up by your hearth this eve
And feel its blanket over the land

And now we begin a season new,
With its wonderment borne true,
To laugh and leap, dance and sleep
In the comfort of her frozen hand.

The Soldier

Frost gnaws up from the ground;
The sunrise he sees is ashen.
Anticipation flares to desire,
Dead winds tear through his hair.

Tumbling currents strike daylight;
The solar sneer illuminates his breath.
He has no need for helm or weapons;
The long march rusted them away.

The daylight is blinding;
It obscures his vision.

The sky is lined of azure crystal;
Its anxiety fervescent and tangible,
The world inhales above him.

The daylight is blinding;
It blots out the future.

His silent chrysalis in release;
Invisible armour grows around him,
Crowned by two smouldering embers
Flickering, alive, in his eyes.

The thoughts rush ever faster,
The words all the closer.
No return.

The daylight is blinding;
He longs for the solace of night.

No one comes forth to retell this story;
He stands before his battlefield,
Too scared to close his eyes.

The daylight is blinding.
But he surges ahead.


The winds shall reveal their secrets,
in due time, with soothing grace

And many days of emerald valleys
can show the strength of climbers,
in solidarity with determination

But only the stars,
in fiery loquacious promise,
beckoning the soul to strive,
can truly show you freedom.

One day, we shall be those stars.