Monthly Archives: January 2006


Willabee wallabee whey,
Trey went to a graveyard to play,
Amidst gravestones so grand
With a camera in hand,
Till some zombies hauled him away.

Floating Up in the Dark

A world of mystery for the sisters at heart,
Echoed through history and whispered inside
(Tell me how many of us have awakened,
Tell me how many of our paths have been changed.)

Some of us walk free with friends by our sides
Never letting the warmth of comfort pass by
Some of us walk alone facing pain in long lives
With the bare rock of remembrance to sturdy our call
And but one small idea that would bring us this far
(You’ve come this far)
So why not see more?
So why not go further?
We do not follow, dear hearts — we lead,
And we are what we are.
See us and love us, or cast us away,
Through all our tomorrows we shall soar,

I am forever free,
And forever me.

For My Cat

Curled, at a sighing peace
In a black and white ball,
At rest, her soul in silent flight
Carries strings of stars aloft.

But she notices not the Earth, or
What surrounds her fluffy form,
For she has all the warmth
And comfort she will need.

A family full of love is
Waiting for her this morning…
For a playful knock on a door
And a sharp mew for a snuggle.

When morning comes in fiery wonder,
She calls through the tangerine wind —
“I am with you, friend, always,”
Purring in wild delight.

Finest Fire

The finest fire
I’d ever made
Was tonight a pyre
For the sending-off

It happened without rhyme or cause —
Sweet obsidian-eyed creature,
Snow-white coat and softest paws

Then the ruin of harms unknown,
And its owner finally coming forth,
But too late alas,
For I can bring no life to the dying.

Fate steels me to watch, kiss and cuddle
As his soft breath of life departs

The young man who owned him did not understand …
He’d been through too many winters in just twelve,
Our world’s bosom had been naught there but cold,
And tonight more ice grows deep in that heart.

Will he e’er understand … ?

To avail the helplessness
To cleanse this guilt
[For I feel truly helpless]

This pyre is my gift to you, innocent:
So hot it burns that nothing is left;
The perfection of my aged craft
Lives as your perfect final flight,

For after all that has happened,
This is what I know to be right.

Young man, seek your solace
For I can only lend hope,
In the knowledge that your friend
Is now safe from all pain

He will dance and spin, gleam and jig
Among shimmering starfields in golden joy

And perhaps his spirit returns to watch,
Or perhaps he returns from whence he came
To dance in the starfields
And blaze a trail.

Fire, your wings work great deeds tonight.

Twelve feet high in fury-wrought plumes,
You signal all the night to our friend’s return
With a flash of the earth no one will forget.

We release this body to flight
In the clarion-call of sparks.

Embers, carry my last whispers,
As the dismal evening dies,
Of a friend who we loved
With kind wishes on high.