Monthly Archives: January 2003


As I stand on a lofty hill
Looking to the night sky
Leagues away from the digital flame
Of civilization’s call
Stars above and earth below,
Frosted trees all around
You will be in my heart,
My mind,
My joy,
And my respect.


The warmest kiss
A gift of bliss
Burning away the scars
A blessed key
A dream of thee
An echo of your eyes


Disembodied, lost and lonely
Drifting softly among the mist
Living again your final moments
When death your sweet lips had kissed

You slipped away through shadows fair
And in the tainted respite, laid bare
To walk through the ether not knowing why
To relive your horror as the ages pass by

When you crossed that gossamer shroud
Did you see the old gatekeeper’s eyes,
Cauterized by age, seeing through time?
Solemn shade is he, not here nor there
Writing your name in stone as you left it behind.

How you crumbled in that trial by fire,
To swim over the sea of despair
Dredge through musty chambers
And drown in warm starlit tides

Fading away from embers
Sparks are born and die
Ashes wash up on a distant shore
Have you ever wondered why?

Whence fled those emotions, love
That graced a countenance fair
Brought light to dimmest shadows
And hope to a mind in despair?

‘Tis gone! you speak now in hollow tones
As cold winds assail me and rattle my bones.

One time your eyes I glimpsed at last
Forever haunted by the emptiness they cast
In naught but longing for answers and life
So my hopes crumbled before your strife

It was forever and a day since then
But here we both finally stand
On ashen shores of a twilight world
Lost and lonely, hand in hand.


There once was cruelty’s relentless firebrand
Pursuing you through those saddening years
As you did cross with time that ocean of fears
Frightened, submerged, searching for land

Transition and knowledge, wisdom from pain
You’ve survived and risen to the surface again

To look on you now, so luscious and bright
Pleasant and warm with intellect sublime
Pristine and gorgeous, untouched by time
Swirling and laughing, dancing in light

This is the moment that for so long I yearned
Shimmering fluid joy, sweet truths learned

Walking the electron catacomb, we’ve realized love
Stronghold of confession and passion, behold
A land where nothing grows forgotten or old
Words on white screens brighten dark skies above

Down a rabbit hole I tumbled, to old Wonderland
Where the Cheshire cat extended her hand

What once was but dream is now that dream come true
I am lost in your eyes, their soft steel blue
Our meeting no coincidence, this passion no lie
Silver wings to the free! From now on, we fly …

Unspoken, Unknown

Gazing upon the poisoned past,
To see the source of so many troubles
Looking out to the desires of old
Who but for truth would have been forever

I wished for eternity for just so long
A want of commitment, born out of fear
Each love was a bird alight with feathers of dust
But each fell too soon, long in its dying song

In time I saw Love was not the enemy at the gate
In time the truth came out, earned by time and pain
Of loss and misplaced faith, of love wrought to die

As the sun tread sheared trails of red in evening air
I saw within me the trap of vicarious confidence —
The enemy unspoken, its face ’til now unknown.

Never Forever

Scatter these ashes in the moonlight
Cold cinders float amongst the waves
Within sight of ship, land, and waterfall
The monument of granite stands on an island small
Solitary reminder, a half-cable from shore.

Let me come with you on your midnight voyage
Look to your aged sails, and then unto the stars
If you listen closely now, you may even hear
The songs in the wind, so sweet and desolate

… Laments of the lover for those lost and found
… Ballads of nights when warm spirits abound
… Shanties for gold-laden ships run aground

In the sapphire paradise of this cold autumn night
Falling asleep on sandy shores, bathed in dying firelight

You have finally found solace and hope


There once was a man of wit and armour bright,
Who always swore to love and protect the light.
He boasted honesty and strength to give,
Promised delight wherever he did live.

After much time, the most brilliant star he found,
Gorgeous blue and silver, yet he wanted her bound.
So he took her deep to an underground cave,
In a prison of tethers, and made her the slave.

Alas and alack, his truths unspun as lies,
Such is the way in which feigned honour dies!
His love bore jealousy, his warm smiles hid ice,
As he let rust the armour and lashed out thrice.

But the star, glowing of hope, would not be held down.
One moonlit night she escaped in a long onyx gown,
And when next eve came, the man checked her prison,
But lo and behold, a new star had risen.

Thereafter he was enshrined in orbs of shame.
For upon realizing the antics of the deceitful game,
That his armour was ruined and his charm in decay,
The man fell before the gods in fear, to pray.

But old Cronus was never one to dabble in fate,
He keeps perfect time in neither love nor hate.
And Hecate’s wisdom had been foolishly burned,
For the man easily forgets what he had learned.

History’s lesson for lessons is thusly known:
Some lessons we can only learn on our own,
Some problems are better solved on our own.
There are no magic elixirs nor healing wand,
Only time, strong will, and a reflecting pond.

When the Sparks Die

What shall happen when the sparks die, love,
And our tears stand only for sweet memories?

What shall happen when the birds are silenced, love,
And no more ring the notes of nature’s sweetest song?

What shall happen when they cry for us, love,
And the living herald our end in forlorn throng?

What shall happen when the skies mourn us, love,
And the rains of remembrance have started to freeze?

Is this the end, or the beginning again?
A quaint adventure in a soft starlit land,
Refreshing and peaceful through meadow and fen,
So weep no more, love, and take my hand.


The faster comes the explosion
The bolder shall be the lie
The further go foolish notions
The sooner shall love die