Monthly Archives: January 2002

Fireside Meditation

Wish you were here
to share in this moment,
spicy aro­ma of pine in the air
com­fort­ing warmth from with­in a hearth
bil­lion blue dia­mond stars above our heads
wisps of cloud amongst whis­per­ing winds
morn­ing fog descend­ing with the final snowflakes
crisp white ground all around us
the crack­le and sput­ter of a near­by fire
as we sit on snow-capped tree stumps
mov­ing in flu­id con­ver­sa­tion
away from all that hurts
away from all that nev­er mat­tered
alone togeth­er and jubi­lant
clear and free
face to face
… time­less
and beau­ti­ful.


It was a day unlike the oth­ers
Where flesh was law at night
With no rea­son for rea­son
No focus but our­selves

Teem­ing with lust and pow­er
We burned our inno­cence
And trea­sured its ash­es
Like a song so dis­tant

There are no regrets now
No mid­dle road to seek
Only pas­sion’s iron hold
Poignant, unbreak­able, jovial

Two bod­ies mov­ing as one
Tongue on flesh, tongue inside
Squirm­ing, minds whirling ever faster
Released, reju­ve­nat­ed, so aware

Sparks and explo­sion in our bod­ies
Fly­ing high to the high­est peaks
Realms of ecsta­sy undimmed by time
Set free by pain and plea­sure’s touch

It was a moment like no oth­er, this love
Indeli­ble and sweet, a mem­o­ry to keep.

In time I’ll stand in a dis­tant place
Below the stars, remem­ber­ing fond­ly that eve
When we burned our inno­cence
And trea­sured its ash­es.