Monthly Archives: January 2002

Fireside Meditation

Wish you were here
to share in this moment,
spicy aroma of pine in the air
comforting warmth from within a hearth
billion blue diamond stars above our heads
wisps of cloud amongst whispering winds
morning fog descending with the final snowflakes
crisp white ground all around us
the crackle and sputter of a nearby fire
as we sit on snow-capped tree stumps
moving in fluid conversation
away from all that hurts
away from all that never mattered
alone together and jubilant
clear and free
face to face
… timeless
and beautiful.


It was a day unlike the others
Where flesh was law at night
With no reason for reason
No focus but ourselves

Teeming with lust and power
We burned our innocence
And treasured its ashes
Like a song so distant

There are no regrets now
No middle road to seek
Only passion’s iron hold
Poignant, unbreakable, jovial

Two bodies moving as one
Tongue on flesh, tongue inside
Squirming, minds whirling ever faster
Released, rejuvenated, so aware

Sparks and explosion in our bodies
Flying high to the highest peaks
Realms of ecstasy undimmed by time
Set free by pain and pleasure’s touch

It was a moment like no other, this love
Indelible and sweet, a memory to keep.

In time I’ll stand in a distant place
Below the stars, remembering fondly that eve
When we burned our innocence
And treasured its ashes.