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Legal Self-Exemption Deconstructed

This evening, I was doing some research about a group calling itself “Freemen on the Land.” For those who haven’t heard of them, it’s a fringe movement that operates on the erroneous belief one can remove himself from the rule, reach, and jurisdiction of his nation’s law.

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Infosec: When in Doubt, Leave it Out

Allow me to introduce one of my biggest perennial pet peeves: the act of sharing way too much information.

Call it professionalism, paranoia, or common sense, when it comes to the ability to share information about each other and ourselves online, the old adage applies: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

At the low end of the spectrum, giving the world too much of yourself may be mildly entertaining (or in other cases annoying) to the other users who stumble across your Facebook page and can suddenly figure out how many times in a day you go to the washroom or re-blog embarrassing photos. On the other side of things, if you’re not careful it’s frighteningly easy to end up sharing information that could cause direct and serious harm to reputation, finances, and family members. A common phenomenon to all parts of this is the persistence of data, where hurtful comments and regrettable disclosures can come embarrassingly home to roost at a much later time, sometimes years or decades down the road thanks to today’s perfect storm of automated archiving services and unpredictable human interfaces.

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Opening Week at Beacon Hill Park

Now here’s something to celebrate … as of Friday, the petting zoo opened its gates to the public for this season. Yesterday, I was in the area and so was able to catch the tail end of the day’s events (sans goats since as I was too busy exploring at the time to keep snapping pictures). Then, all of a sudden, I found myself at the fringes of the lines for the goat stampede as closing time hit. So while it was a bit of a short day, I had a great time out there and can’t wait to see more as the year goes on. The new baby goats should be out soon, too — as of yesterday, they were still huddled in heaps under their heat lamps in the barn.

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Reflections on Finance and the Incentive to Budget, Part 1

Apparently my excursion from the other day left me laid up a while afterwards, so I’ve been using the time to rest, catch up on current events, and read up about one of my other perennial loves: finance.

I can’t mention it enough: a great many people I’ve encountered over the course of my life have great difficulty doing something as simple as balancing a chequebook. They take on too many bad debts at unrealistic interest rates, they take on financial instruments that built with only the short term in mind, they lose track of where the money goes each payday, or they neglect the purpose of creating and protecting a savings. All of these are pathological and may not at first seem to have that much of an impact, but they cause serious damage and a great deal of strife in the end.

Worse still are those who create an artificial crisis: they catastrophize the state of their being to exclude themselves from scrutiny, or choose to stay anchored to circumstances they could extract themselves from — for example, making proactive renovations or repairs to a home that’s bleeding out money through excessive energy bills each month, instead of putting up with the status quo.

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Geology Tour of lower Victoria and Sooke

For some years now, I’d been longing to go on a fresh adventure and take a geology tour in an interesting place. Last weekend I was finally able to go, thanks to a friend who invited me along on one of theirs. We ended up exploring a swath of land across the lower Victoria region, which encompasses an unusual variety of metamorphic rock that’s been through not one but three separate subduction cycles over the course of its lifetime. Besides this we also looked at various basaltic pillow lavas and strata along the coastline, some conglomerates, and some barely developed sandstones.

The views were stunning, and the merciless lashings of the wind and rain left us with an afternoon to remember — I went home wet, as did quite a few of the others. Overall, the day was a good experience, for despite the rain leaving us wet the welcome enlightenment by our surroundings created its own kind of subtle joy within the psyche.

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My kitteh says BLEEEEEEEH!

Clover sticking out her tongue

Clover sticking out her tongue

In other words, it’s time to test out the CMS, get things going, and start getting some content uploaded!

So it begins.