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Auditory Flashbacks: Darkhaus

Earlier this week, I was listening to some music I’d been introduced to quite recently when this little earworm by Darkhaus came screaming in.

It’s called “Son of a Gun,” and it’s way too catchy to keep to myself.

Listen, enjoy, and pass it on:

Lyrics (here).

(NSFW) Followup: SWAT Standoff at East Burnside & Carroll on 2014-08-09

Shortly after one o’clock on Saturday morning, officers from the Victoria and Saanich police departments attended reports of a naked and possibly armed man screaming at residents and running the across rooftops of several businesses near the intersection at East Burnside and Carroll. The man was first spotted holding what two bystanders believed was a large kitchen knife, later revealed in video footage to be nothing more than a rolled-up T-shirt.

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On the death of Robin Williams (and celebrity deaths in general)

I wasn’t planning to post anything today, at least, until I realized I probably owe my friends and readers an explanation about why I don’t tend to mark the occasions of celebrity deaths. It’s something I’ve mostly taken for granted, but on the flip side, I’m not sure if it’s something those around me understand that well since I haven’t opened up too much about it.

So, here’s my explanation in a (very large) nutshell:

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Auditory Flashbacks: Johnny Hollow does Temple of Love!

It’s been a while since my last post, and that’s because I’ve been fairly busy with several projects on the go.

Anyway, I heard this song tonight and had to share: