Monthly Archives: November 2013

Finally, Some Clarity in the Rob Ford Scandal

For those of us in Canada and abroad who have kept an eye to the news, there have been some very shocking revelations in the ongoing Rob Ford scandal, above all else that the mayor of Toronto has admitted he smoked crack cocaine and purchased illegal substances.

This, in and of itself, should rightfully merit charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act if we are to apply the law evenly to a holder of office as we would to anyone else on the street. Cocaine is a Schedule 1 controlled substance carrying a mandatory minimum sentence. Due to the recent toughening of Canadian drug laws and drug policy, law enforcement does not look kindly on either simple possession or transactions for the purposes of obtaining an illegal substance.

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Adobe Has Been Hacked!

It’s much worse than anyone could have imagined.

Initially estimated at a data breach of 3 million compromised customer accounts, including credit card data and order records, the total has since risen over the past month to 38 million customer accounts, and more recently, an updated estimate has pegged the number of compromised accounts at 150 million. The hackers were also able to make off with some of Adobe’s closest-guarded secrets, including the source code for Photoshop and several other major projects.

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On the Mass Effect Series and Some Awesome Fan Tributes

For those who don’t know, I’m into PC gaming and happen to be a long time fan of the Mass Effect series. Today, I’ve got a few amazing things to share with you on the ending of ME3, as well as an utterly jaw-dropping tribute song by one of its fans which has been circulating on the Internet.

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