Monthly Archives: January 2012


A mariner weathering the electron seas
Course wrought by sweat and perseverance,
Wreathed in midnight’s finest solitudes
and the soft rustle of charcoal cloth,

To live the adventure of these halcyon days,
Destined to coalesce as tomorrow’s memory.

Let us now lift a glass in remembrance
Of not the seed that failed to bear fruit,
But the tree which spread its branches wide
To embrace the heavens in all their glory.


I am your songbird,
My voice to uplift you on gossamer wings
Carrying this dream past starlight and dawn
Your bosom the nest wherein I softly croon,

My refuge, my muse, my lady and light
Ten thousand lives could not surpass you
Entwined within me, your spirited strength,
This night our dominion to kindle the bond

Connected and safe, I feel new hopes thrive
Ascend these silver feathers and kiss the sun,
Taking to earth the pearl of Helios’ hearth
To sink its radiance deep in our hearts

From the void’s dolorous belfry this morn,
One less choir voice cries in anguish
As the heart lets go, embraces desire
And flies on the wings of a bird.