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Review: Opera Mobile 14

As a ten-plus year user of the Opera web brows­er, it real­ly pains me to write this review, but at the same time it also gives me the chance to pass along some good rec­om­men­da­tions to users and edu­cate them on what I believe was a very poor man­age­ment choice in terms of this browser’s recent user inter­face (UI) redesign.

Let’s start from the beginning.

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Review: Budget Flashlights (Solarforce L2T, Ultrafire WF-501B) and Batteries

This will be one of many reviews to come (a new fea­ture on this site since I installed the CMS). I let things wait for a very long time before post­ing the results you’ll see in this arti­cle, and have giv­en each one of these flash­lights at least a year and many charges between, in which to prove them­selves and estab­lish a mea­sure of quality.

First off, a quick photo:


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Moar kitteh.

For any­one who’s ever won­dered what kind of cat I live with, here are a cou­ple of moments in a typ­i­cal day:


She loves to curl up in bed at night …


Oth­er times, Clover sur­pris­es me when I get home after work. These are the new hair­ball elim­i­na­tion treats we’ve been test­ing. As you can see, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS … so much so that she can’t wait for me to bring out the bag, so she tried to open it herself!