Monthly Archives: May 2013

Review: Opera Mobile 14

As a ten-plus year user of the Opera web browser, it really pains me to write this review, but at the same time it also gives me the chance to pass along some good recommendations to users and educate them on what I believe was a very poor management choice in terms of this browser’s recent user interface (UI) redesign.

Let’s start from the beginning.

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Review: Budget Flashlights (Solarforce L2T, Ultrafire WF-501B) and Batteries

This will be one of many reviews to come (a new feature on this site since I installed the CMS). I let things wait for a very long time before posting the results you’ll see in this article, and have given each one of these flashlights at least a year and many charges between, in which to prove themselves and establish a measure of quality.

First off, a quick photo:


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Moar kitteh.

For anyone who’s ever wondered what kind of cat I live with, here are a couple of moments in a typical day:


She loves to curl up in bed at night …


Other times, Clover surprises me when I get home after work. These are the new hairball elimination treats we’ve been testing. As you can see, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS … so much so that she can’t wait for me to bring out the bag, so she tried to open it herself!