Monthly Archives: January 2008


My path anything but what it seemed,
Inerasable sin staring from the mirror
Crying softly as these lives stir the air
Recalling knowledge paid for with pain

When they said the stars are in reach,
The one thing I’d neglected to know —
They burn harder on every approach
They sear deeper than eyes can see

A chrysalis of flame
Is burning behind these ocean eyes
Rewrite that life a thousand times
It’s never going to be good enough

Rewrite that day
The call of an inerasable sin
Something gained quietly
For something deafeningly lost

I walk forward on these legs,
Shape this future with my hands;
Rewrite that flame-kissed scar
By the price of what I gained

What’s left over felt incomplete
As if it was a burned-out town
A reminder of a purer humanity
That had lived before the truth

Now this leg stands inert,
And these hands far too slow
While I quietly bear the grief
To stay true to my heart

Rewrite that day
A thousand times
Can’t give back knowledge
No matter how hard you try

Can’t mask the pain
Or return to that life,
Its power and love bought
By yesterday’s choices

So I’ll rebuild this body stronger
With my own creations
Steel hands, burning stars for eyes
And take this silent chance

… to rewrite today.

Red Tide

Red tide —
I saw you in dreaming
Across an old peach-hued ocean,
Splashed in the crimson
Of a hopeful sunset sky;

Shells and pebbles in golden glitter
In time with waves a-whispering
A delicate breeze wraps me round
And carries me back to ecstasy;

The waters stand just warm enough
To be truly inviting and free
They don’t feel tatters of pain
Nor tomorrow’s coming tides;

Found objects so strange I see
As I make the journey forwards
You can take a few now with you,
And then you’ll see them fade to air;

A paintbrush’s hopeful fare and share
Can never hide what truths bequeath
Can never mend the sorrowful roads
Will never right the hurt that’s done

And now I wake from dreams to see this —

Perhaps the best partings
are done at such times as
There’s still something
beautiful to remember.

At least, this was.

In Memoriam

There will be no great work, no magnum opus
No poems to line streets or glitter of send-offs,
No pedestals to raise this to something it’s not
There shall be no chance to celebrate or mourn

But to let this place heal, let broken rebuild broken
Through the days, all to be heard are rustles of wind
As they pass me by, ye starlit messengers unravel secrets
Stripping away the chrysalis moment, to burn tears away

Renewing hope with the foundations of stone
From a dream built within these two hands
You deserve no good words
You are dead to me now.


What flames may leave behind
No story could do justice —
Dream fragments seared to ash
Silently slumbering, safely dissolved
Free to live amidst what killed them
And we’re watching fragments
Setting with the sun

Under a nascent moon —
Amidst a ruin of destruction?

I’m not what I was when sun last shone
Or what I could have been today.
Interloping and interjected
Has become this course I walk.

Dying is more than literary, or literal,
For you can feel its endless chambers
While yet warm hearts still beat

But after good people utterly failed
And secret fairytales turned to dust
It gives pause to feel its throes
Asking if determination yet survives

And I stand up, eyes cast upwards
To gaze up the beams of starlit hope
To say one humble thing —
I’m still here.

For why? when dreams so easily die;
For what? if love and hate are one;

Between crystalline tears I wonder,
Watching things beyond my influence
If this was never what I came here for,
None of the dream gave satisfaction,

What now?

A thousand lifetimes ago in a handful of years
We all thought this would look different

But it’s not.

Though finally I know courses ne’er to travel
With the wisdom gained to change my future
I can’t begin to fathom its cost.

That’s what haunts me
When I close my eyes.

I’m still here.


My light cast into these flowers
Counts the silent afternoons away

As I lay here now encircled
In your healing warmth again

The dreams tonight

The knowing calling
Of a thousand past ages
All is gathered here
Unto a single flash

Explode into light,
Reaching all the skies,
Piercing the secrets
Of deep-shadowed souls

I can feel it, see it
Even with my eyes shut
Fly in a chain from eyes to heart
And heart to glorious eyes again!

The currents are pulsing deeply
As they circle around once more


A dream now,

By a Flicker of Night’s Touch


The spark flies far —

Let the fires delight you,
Let the stars’ joy alight you,
Ascendant in dance,
Never letting go,
Never to dissolve

Not to tether you down,
Nor to let your sparks drown
For we’ve flown this high,
Burning new trails,
Peach-lit morning skies


The veils fall —

O, I’m watching the world,
Ocean eyes,
Deep within,
Death’s selfless firstborn,
Creation and heartbeat,
Silver keys,
Sapphire soul

Your heart is aglow,
Bright cinders and passion
Embrace in the moment,
Let it journey
In flight …


The world’s quiet promise stirs again
With her indigo body and smiling moon,
A sleeping soul that awakes this night
Beneath a sky that stirs the memories

Life itself shall hear those echoes
Shaping anew in the dreamer’s hands
An armour of ages and haloed stars
Distilled by heart to protect the brave

That call to arms is rare on this side
Where dreams and existence are as fluid
As the ebb and flow of cerulean tides
But to this clarion, the land’s eye opens
Tonight cuts anew the founding stone
The blasting cry of a centurion’s voice
Over a thousand years to meet today
And share the epic of our stoic song

Yesterday he stood beneath the stones
Of a hundred ransacked Roman cities,
Fallen in flame, their people mortar,
Foundations for hope of a better day

Yesterday I heard the whisper returning
When life was breathed into old secrets
And the world revealed a simpler place
Without the guilt of our spoiled hopes

So tonight this call to arms has come
And I’ll wear my armour as remembrance
To never forget that winter’s day
When my own world died and slumbered.

Spirit of War

Lovingly I wrap thee, Fury
In steel-armoured ribbons
Around a frosted heart of bronze

Whilst I wander among the stars
Striking the last tomorrow’s fire
In awareness there shall come a time

How wan this world has become
It all its faded, faint-heart glories
So now, how fierce a song will grow

Majestic symphony of hatred’s guile
Entwining each fiber of our hearts
Building us up to shatter us whole

Today I sit in a coldly familiar place
Rapture and fury to the end of all days
It was as if I never left, so long ago

Away the veils!
Away the cover!

Let all be seen and heard —

I am the Eye of War, witness to this world!
Blood-stained and cast aloft in crystal palace
Watching emotions die smiling and proud

I am the Heart of War, a golden trumpet blast!
Scream havoc and loose the hounds in prejudice
Now the harder we’ll clash, the brighter we shine

I am the Hands of War, the finest craftsman alive!
Laboured dusk and dawn, forge brimming a-fright
Never feeling the beauty within another velvet eve

I am the Voice of War, buoying all courage of men!
Birthed without ears or any love of gentle touch
To lead the charge, remain fearless past all ends

I am the Feet of War, thunder of the eternal march!
The clank of armored troops, Death’s uneasy grasp
To walk until the end of time, never missing a step

I am the Mind of War, labyrinth of folly’s riddles!
Created by we mortals to feel what can’t be tamed
In silent hands to flatten honour, smash our trust

I am the Spirit of War in flight — whither my caution?
Falling away in flashbulb hue, in slow disintegration
You can’t feel regret once there’s nothng left to feel

I am the Spirit of War,
And in being consumed,
My downfall is complete.

I am overtaken,
I am vicious,
I am overpowered,
I am burnt barren,
I am tear-quenched,
I am lost.

I am the Spirit of War:
I was not made for human consumption.
This is my legacy.
Remember it well.


A time not long ago
I loved you,
A beautiful soul
Wreathed in a lagoon of stars,
Embellished with radiant heart

A splendid love’s promise,
Dancing towards tomorrow.

I knew you
The real you

Now those days seem boiled away,
The endless waters of memory
Wrapped in a circlet of gold,
Laid to rest on the dusty planks

That soul I thought I knew, came undone
Disappeared, enigmatic as the desert sands

And as I looked o’er my shoulder
A gaze as golden as the wheat-stalks
From all our yesterdays’ summers
A wink of setting sun

But the glint I saw was a reflection
From the hateful embers of loss

A soul I shared
In vivacious mystery
An oasis for secret hopes
Inspiring me to dream

I stand alone now,
But I knew you once


It gives me warmth
To glance back and see

What we did,
And gave

Wings to the beloved,
New life to one so tiny,
Foundation to the lost,
Love to the abandoned

Eyes of turquoise ocean
Eyes of harvest gold

Sisters in arms

The endless treasures we knew,
Only deepest seas could speak of

I knew you once

You taught me courage.


Hands touching
Begins the odyssey
Two of the same
Delving deep as the soul

Elsewhere, a key turns slowly,


Do you feel them?

Everything standing on end
Quiet becomes loud
Every speck of detail
A beating heart
Two beating hearts
The rhythmic pulse …

Into the arms of fairies
We watch ourselves slip
Softly, sensually,
Deeply from a distance
And then completely.

The world moves around us,
A pocket of time all its own —
Soverign land floating freely,
No rules save one

… intertwine!

Lost in trance, ebbing bounds
As the body lets go its borders
The sun to set a thousand days
In this moment, eternal and safe

It feels like minutes,
Only hours,
Only days.

Time loses her meaning

An old moon dances high,
Filled with joy’s blessings

The greatest awareness,
All things from love,
Soaring in the touch
Of two intertwined hands

And my wings never left me,
They’re fluttering, here?
Glance behind, glance above
Watch the world passing by

I will grow this realm of love,
To scatter its hue among the stars
That all may find,
And intertwine.