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Understanding Electronics: The (Non)Magic of Free Energy

I figured I’d make a brief post to wet my readers’ feet in the vast pond of electronics engineering. Here’s a really interesting video about the subject of free energy, narrated by a specialist who actually works in and understands electronics, and is able to point out in fairly common terms why and how free-energy devices are not possible to create.

TL;DR — it’s not because there exists any set of special workarounds to our existing laws of physics, or that alternate laws of physics exist for well-known phenomena that are somehow waiting to be written. Rather, it’s almost universally the case that people, even well-meaning ones, tend to misinterpret units of measure, fail to properly conceptualize mathematical equations, and fail to incorporate numerous scientific procedures and principles in their work. To add fuel to the fire, most people who champion free energy devices generally choose to spend their time with those of the same mindset, an effect which in time multiplies the shaky deviations of comprehension and foundational studies, and further diminishes the capacity to be self-correcting.