Monthly Archives: January 2005


Confronted by the light of day!
A symphony of gold and azure-gray,
Hillsides darken with solemn breath
As dusk’s glow dies a fresher death

November ides, how calm and clear!
Airs of paradise are ever nearer …

Cloudburst’s tongue flit o’er horizons
Shimmering smoke red among the mist
Tonight the song of man forever wisens
And in tears of sky my cheeks be kiss’d


Gentle breezes kiss my hair
Fleeting, floating low in air
Emotions changing places
Expressionless dark faces
The center gave out long ago
Razed to be rebuilt you know
Betrayed at last by raging blood
Stand aside and face the flood

Do you see freedom high above oceans …
Do you see worlds in shimmering dewdrops?

Cascading flames and drifts of snow
Burning skin and mistletoe
Winds of conquest blowing hard
Laying down another card
Run fast run hard and never stop
So far falls one more teardrop
Luna’s hands on silent air
Chariots of ice to greet them there

Do you see freedom high above oceans …
Do you see worlds in shimmering dewdrops?

Sweetest Touch

With blinders off and cast aside
I tread this path, to unknown lands.
The world I never thought I’d know
To see true beauty in all its splendour.

To exude emotion untainted, unbridled
As mountains inside are pushed aside
Horizons calling clear as the silver ring
Of Love’s heartbeat and Hope’s return!

Even cold souls, hearts entombed of old
In hardest jade and masked with gold
Can no more hold their damaged lines
As they crumble under rising tides
And are torn asunder by passion’s touch
Transformed, renewed by ripples of light.

Walk Beside Death

Walk beside Death
And fear no more,
For his obsidian steel armour
Is never lost to time
And the flash of lightining in his eyes
Can one day be yours too;

Walk beside Death, wise one
Learn hence all secrets,
Whsipered when the living pass
Bare wisdom from old gods
They filter out from soul to soul
And bring the living love;

Walk beside Death, perseverent one
And never may you wane,
The spirit’s wish is the void’s command
Which never fails to abide
And all you do and all you are
Two lands joined by veil shall know;

Walk beside Death, passionate one
For true love knows no bounds,
When body dies and worms rule its fate
Your being shall endure
And when your lover comes, o hand in hand
She’ll greet you in a kiss;

Walk beside Death, hopeless one
But learn its lesson well
It teaches strength of will, and those with none in life
Shall have none in death as well
For suicide’s lip-lock finds no solace
And thus is a soul reborn;

Walk beside Death, just one
And meet your judge’s eyes
For the world’s greatest leveller
Is but an end of life
Dispatching without discrimination
Renewing all through rot;

Walk beside Death, pious one
But live a life of conscious mind,
The heedless shall never see their God
Past pale rebirth’s flash
And the self-forsaken know not moving forth
Till they claim it as their own;

Walk beside Death, Hollywood one
Leave your fast-paced plastic talk show life,
Stripped of diversions you’ll come to conclusions
That you never knew before
But with scant wisdom under silicone facades
You’ve no substance to bring back home;

Walk beside death
And fear no more.

Citadel Down

Dawn’s golden womb was tainted —
Two citadels of concrete buckled.

Fragments raining,
Whistling winds,
People under siege
From ten blocks off;

A hundred stories to tell
Of a hundred stories to fall,
But none shall live to tell that story;
All were crushed as a bubble is popped.

Now comes the methane after-fires,
On a lake of boiling kerosene
The final monolith thundering down
Below the rubble, a crescendo of screams …

Three thousand dead, two thousand imprisoned,
Hearts in holes, eyes closed to pain
Minds numbed in lonely office-cells.

And still the fires come,
With a sweet-meat char of flesh in the air,
Casting moribund shadows in the plaster dusk,
Still the fires come.

Seeing the Rain

spatters on windows —
old Thor’s swimming pool
finally sprung a leak

Echo in Time

The days before that memorable kiss
We walked among cemeteries in the August fire
And scarcely an epitaph did we miss
Enduring the blaze of Apollo’s ire

Onward we skipped, o’er grass and stone
Pondering the lives these people had known

The clock struck noon, when we saw a statue white
Of lovers like us, with a hand in hand
Wings they had not, yet they seemed to fly
Earthbound, heads up, bravest face to the sky
The sight was unlike all others in the land
It will ever remain in my thoughts, day and night

Will we one day stand as tall as they,
Walking together, hand in hand?
Will we stand in stone to inspire you one day,
Wreathed in roses, hand in hand?