Monthly Archives: January 2001

Two Wings Indivisible

Two opalescent birds of stone
Fleet of wing, so lightly flown,

Breathing copper in Apollo’s sky
Marking the place of he who died;

For once he flew but now has rest,
In jaden grip his corpse is dressed;

Those steel wings threw fire and fume,
But only doves can repair those plumes;

Marked below by wormy silence,
Marked above with frozen violence —

One soldier,
One stone,
Two wings,


Seven Words

You’re one who for so long I wished to finally meet,
A living dream? you asked, and hence I agreed.
Beautiful you thought me as I thought you: the
Person sharing so many of my thoughts. But
Inside one conversation, seven words in me you drove deep,
And they, which no other ever spoke, finally let me speak:
Out with poisoned past! For at last I feel true.