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Video: Pork and Beans

From elsewhere on the interwebs, in the spirit of good things and simply being yourself:

Anti-Vaccine Crusader Andrew Wakefield Marked by Science Community as Discredited, Fraudulent

So … I was reading FARK today when I came across this: the man cited as the initiator for much of the current climate of anti-vaccination fear has been called out as fraudulent and discredited by the British Medical Journal (see also: coverage via Seth Mnookin and NYT Magazine). Wakefield was the person who tried to claim that MMR vaccines cause autism — an unproven allegation that has unfortunately carried a disproportionate amount of weight in the minds of some parents.

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Foamy’s Return

Spring is here … and with that, so is my squirrel! Today I finally caught some good snapshots of her eating the food that the birds left on the ground. She’s also grown quite a bit since last autumn.


There are also some tell-tale signs that she may not be alone any longer, but may in fact be nursing a litter of babies (look at the third picture and note the distended nipples). With that in mind I’ll be keeping an eye out for the little ones, too, once they arrive.

I’m going to have an overload of cuteness in my back yard this summer!