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Video: Pork and Beans

From else­where on the inter­webs, in the spir­it of good things and sim­ply being yourself:

Anti-Vaccine Crusader Andrew Wakefield Marked by Science Community as Discredited, Fraudulent

So … I was read­ing FARK today when I came across this: the man cit­ed as the ini­tia­tor for much of the cur­rent cli­mate of anti-vac­ci­na­tion fear has been called out as fraud­u­lent and dis­cred­it­ed by the British Med­ical Jour­nal (see also: cov­er­age via Seth Mnookin and NYT Mag­a­zine). Wake­field was the per­son who tried to claim that MMR vac­cines cause autism — an unproven alle­ga­tion that has unfor­tu­nate­ly car­ried a dis­pro­por­tion­ate amount of weight in the minds of some parents.

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Foamy’s Return

Spring is here … and with that, so is my squir­rel! Today I final­ly caught some good snap­shots of her eat­ing the food that the birds left on the ground. She’s also grown quite a bit since last autumn.


There are also some tell-tale signs that she may not be alone any longer, but may in fact be nurs­ing a lit­ter of babies (look at the third pic­ture and note the dis­tend­ed nip­ples). With that in mind I’ll be keep­ing an eye out for the lit­tle ones, too, once they arrive.

I’m going to have an over­load of cute­ness in my back yard this summer!