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A mariner weath­er­ing the elec­tron seas
Course wrought by sweat and perseverance,
Wreathed in mid­night’s finest solitudes
and the soft rus­tle of char­coal cloth,

To live the adven­ture of these hal­cy­on days,
Des­tined to coa­lesce as tomor­row’s memory.

Let us now lift a glass in remembrance
Of not the seed that failed to bear fruit,
But the tree which spread its branch­es wide
To embrace the heav­ens in all their glory.


I am your songbird,
My voice to uplift you on gos­samer wings
Car­ry­ing this dream past starlight and dawn
Your bosom the nest where­in I soft­ly croon,

My refuge, my muse, my lady and light
Ten thou­sand lives could not sur­pass you
Entwined with­in me, your spir­it­ed strength,
This night our domin­ion to kin­dle the bond

Con­nect­ed and safe, I feel new hopes thrive
Ascend these sil­ver feath­ers and kiss the sun,
Tak­ing to earth the pearl of Helios’ hearth
To sink its radi­ance deep in our hearts

From the void’s dolor­ous bel­fry this morn,
One less choir voice cries in anguish
As the heart lets go, embraces desire
And flies on the wings of a bird.

Crowned in White

A tree’s reach o’er land the crow silent­ly soars
Paths crossed with swal­low-tails, dance and bank
Obliv­i­ous to the super­no­va of blos­soms beneath
Of May’s gen­tle stir­ring and kick to its feet
The land crowned in white
The trem­ble of life
A new year, awake.


O’er the long way home again
The roads came alive in mist,
With pow­der fresh, in rivulets
The tides of night do flow

Ever onward, creep­ing forward,
Not a step or turn in retreat,
Steer­ing true as the snow drifts
Guide me soft­ly, soft­ly home

Their shape­less, danc­ing torrents
Cry out in a vision of silent joy
And as seen by nary a traveller
They are loved by even fewer

Yet take heart, ye worn and wary
For this win­ter’s close to hand
Curl up by your hearth this eve
And feel its blan­ket over the land

And now we begin a sea­son new,
With its won­der­ment borne true,
To laugh and leap, dance and sleep
In the com­fort of her frozen hand.

The Soldier

Frost gnaws up from the ground;
The sun­rise he sees is ashen.
Antic­i­pa­tion flares to desire,
Dead winds tear through his hair.

Tum­bling cur­rents strike daylight;
The solar sneer illu­mi­nates his breath.
He has no need for helm or weapons;
The long march rust­ed them away.

The day­light is blinding;
It obscures his vision.

The sky is lined of azure crystal;
Its anx­i­ety fer­ves­cent and tangible,
The world inhales above him.

The day­light is blinding;
It blots out the future.

His silent chrysalis in release;
Invis­i­ble armour grows around him,
Crowned by two smoul­der­ing embers
Flick­er­ing, alive, in his eyes.

The thoughts rush ever faster,
The words all the closer.
No return.

The day­light is blinding;
He longs for the solace of night.

No one comes forth to retell this story;
He stands before his battlefield,
Too scared to close his eyes.

The day­light is blinding.
But he surges ahead.


The winds shall reveal their secrets,
in due time, with sooth­ing grace

And many days of emer­ald valleys
can show the strength of climbers,
in sol­i­dar­i­ty with determination

But only the stars,
in fiery loqua­cious promise,
beck­on­ing the soul to strive,
can tru­ly show you freedom.

One day, we shall be those stars.

First Night of Spring

The sun dips low with a gold­en salute this eve,
Set­ting loose a flood of bil­lowy dreams
Entwined in fiery nightmares.

And with that,


Night is final­ly here,
Bear­ing sub­tle flit and flicker
Of a whispy, whis­per­ing gown
Upon a hid­den tide of stars

In soul, in sight — the true first eve of spring!


My path any­thing but what it seemed,
Inerasable sin star­ing from the mirror
Cry­ing soft­ly as these lives stir the air
Recall­ing knowl­edge paid for with pain

When they said the stars are in reach,
The one thing I’d neglect­ed to know –
They burn hard­er on every approach
They sear deep­er than eyes can see

A chrysalis of flame
Is burn­ing behind these ocean eyes
Rewrite that life a thou­sand times
It’s nev­er going to be good enough

Rewrite that day
The call of an inerasable sin
Some­thing gained quietly
For some­thing deaf­en­ing­ly lost

I walk for­ward on these legs,
Shape this future with my hands;
Rewrite that flame-kissed scar
By the price of what I gained

What’s left over felt incomplete
As if it was a burned-out town
A reminder of a pur­er humanity
That had lived before the truth

Now this leg stands inert,
And these hands far too slow
While I qui­et­ly bear the grief
To stay true to my heart

Rewrite that day
A thou­sand times
Can’t give back knowledge
No mat­ter how hard you try

Can’t mask the pain
Or return to that life,
Its pow­er and love bought
By yes­ter­day’s choices

So I’ll rebuild this body stronger
With my own creations
Steel hands, burn­ing stars for eyes
And take this silent chance

… to rewrite today.

Red Tide

Red tide –
I saw you in dreaming
Across an old peach-hued ocean,
Splashed in the crimson
Of a hope­ful sun­set sky;

Shells and peb­bles in gold­en glitter
In time with waves a‑whispering
A del­i­cate breeze wraps me round
And car­ries me back to ecstasy;

The waters stand just warm enough
To be tru­ly invit­ing and free
They don’t feel tat­ters of pain
Nor tomor­row’s com­ing tides;

Found objects so strange I see
As I make the jour­ney forwards
You can take a few now with you,
And then you’ll see them fade to air;

A paint­brush’s hope­ful fare and share
Can nev­er hide what truths bequeath
Can nev­er mend the sor­row­ful roads
Will nev­er right the hurt that’s done

And now I wake from dreams to see this –

Per­haps the best partings
are done at such times as
There’s still something
beau­ti­ful to remember.

At least, this was.


What flames may leave behind
No sto­ry could do justice –
Dream frag­ments seared to ash
Silent­ly slum­ber­ing, safe­ly dissolved
Free to live amidst what killed them
And we’re watch­ing fragments
Set­ting with the sun

Under a nascent moon –
Amidst a ruin of destruction?

I’m not what I was when sun last shone
Or what I could have been today.
Inter­lop­ing and interjected
Has become this course I walk.

Dying is more than lit­er­ary, or literal,
For you can feel its end­less chambers
While yet warm hearts still beat

But after good peo­ple utter­ly failed
And secret fairy­tales turned to dust
It gives pause to feel its throes
Ask­ing if deter­mi­na­tion yet survives

And I stand up, eyes cast upwards
To gaze up the beams of star­lit hope
To say one hum­ble thing –
I’m still here.

For why? when dreams so eas­i­ly die;
For what? if love and hate are one;

Between crys­talline tears I wonder,
Watch­ing things beyond my influence
If this was nev­er what I came here for,
None of the dream gave satisfaction,

What now?

A thou­sand life­times ago in a hand­ful of years
We all thought this would look different

But it’s not.

Though final­ly I know cours­es ne’er to travel
With the wis­dom gained to change my future
I can’t begin to fath­om its cost.

That’s what haunts me
When I close my eyes.

I’m still here.

In Memoriam

There will be no great work, no mag­num opus
No poems to line streets or glit­ter of send-offs,
No pedestals to raise this to some­thing it’s not
There shall be no chance to cel­e­brate or mourn

But to let this place heal, let bro­ken rebuild broken
Through the days, all to be heard are rus­tles of wind
As they pass me by, ye star­lit mes­sen­gers unrav­el secrets
Strip­ping away the chrysalis moment, to burn tears away

Renew­ing hope with the foun­da­tions of stone
From a dream built with­in these two hands
You deserve no good words
You are dead to me now.


My light cast into these flowers
Counts the silent after­noons away

As I lay here now encircled
In your heal­ing warmth again

The dreams tonight

The know­ing calling
Of a thou­sand past ages
All is gath­ered here
Unto a sin­gle flash

Explode into light,
Reach­ing all the skies,
Pierc­ing the secrets
Of deep-shad­owed souls

I can feel it, see it
Even with my eyes shut
Fly in a chain from eyes to heart
And heart to glo­ri­ous eyes again!

The cur­rents are puls­ing deeply
As they cir­cle around once more


A dream now,

By a Flicker of Night’s Touch


The spark flies far –

Let the fires delight you,
Let the stars’ joy alight you,
Ascen­dant in dance,
Nev­er let­ting go,
Nev­er to dissolve

Not to teth­er you down,
Nor to let your sparks drown
For we’ve flown this high,
Burn­ing new trails,
Peach-lit morn­ing skies


The veils fall –

O, I’m watch­ing the world,
Ocean eyes,
Deep within,
Death’s self­less firstborn,
Cre­ation and heartbeat,
Sil­ver keys,
Sap­phire soul

Your heart is aglow,
Bright cin­ders and passion
Embrace in the moment,
Let it journey
In flight …


The world’s qui­et promise stirs again
With her indi­go body and smil­ing moon,
A sleep­ing soul that awakes this night
Beneath a sky that stirs the memories

Life itself shall hear those echoes
Shap­ing anew in the dream­er’s hands
An armour of ages and haloed stars
Dis­tilled by heart to pro­tect the brave

That call to arms is rare on this side
Where dreams and exis­tence are as fluid
As the ebb and flow of cerulean tides
But to this clar­i­on, the land’s eye opens
Tonight cuts anew the found­ing stone
The blast­ing cry of a cen­tu­ri­on’s voice
Over a thou­sand years to meet today
And share the epic of our sto­ic song

Yes­ter­day he stood beneath the stones
Of a hun­dred ran­sacked Roman cities,
Fall­en in flame, their peo­ple mortar,
Foun­da­tions for hope of a bet­ter day

Yes­ter­day I heard the whis­per returning
When life was breathed into old secrets
And the world revealed a sim­pler place
With­out the guilt of our spoiled hopes

So tonight this call to arms has come
And I’ll wear my armour as remembrance
To nev­er for­get that win­ter’s day
When my own world died and slumbered.

Spirit of War

Lov­ing­ly I wrap thee, Fury
In steel-armoured ribbons
Around a frost­ed heart of bronze

Whilst I wan­der among the stars
Strik­ing the last tomor­row’s fire
In aware­ness there shall come a time

How wan this world has become
It all its fad­ed, faint-heart glories
So now, how fierce a song will grow

Majes­tic sym­pho­ny of hatred’s guile
Entwin­ing each fiber of our hearts
Build­ing us up to shat­ter us whole

Today I sit in a cold­ly famil­iar place
Rap­ture and fury to the end of all days
It was as if I nev­er left, so long ago

Away the veils!
Away the cover!

Let all be seen and heard –

I am the Eye of War, wit­ness to this world!
Blood-stained and cast aloft in crys­tal palace
Watch­ing emo­tions die smil­ing and proud

I am the Heart of War, a gold­en trum­pet blast!
Scream hav­oc and loose the hounds in prejudice
Now the hard­er we’ll clash, the brighter we shine

I am the Hands of War, the finest crafts­man alive!
Laboured dusk and dawn, forge brim­ming a‑fright
Nev­er feel­ing the beau­ty with­in anoth­er vel­vet eve

I am the Voice of War, buoy­ing all courage of men!
Birthed with­out ears or any love of gen­tle touch
To lead the charge, remain fear­less past all ends

I am the Feet of War, thun­der of the eter­nal march!
The clank of armored troops, Death’s uneasy grasp
To walk until the end of time, nev­er miss­ing a step

I am the Mind of War, labyrinth of fol­ly’s riddles!
Cre­at­ed by we mor­tals to feel what can’t be tamed
In silent hands to flat­ten hon­our, smash our trust

I am the Spir­it of War in flight — whith­er my caution?
Falling away in flash­bulb hue, in slow disintegration
You can’t feel regret once there’s noth­ng left to feel

I am the Spir­it of War,
And in being consumed,
My down­fall is complete.

I am overtaken,
I am vicious,
I am overpowered,
I am burnt barren,
I am tear-quenched,
I am lost.

I am the Spir­it of War:
I was not made for human consumption.
This is my legacy.
Remem­ber it well.


A time not long ago
I loved you,
A beau­ti­ful soul
Wreathed in a lagoon of stars,
Embell­ished with radi­ant heart

A splen­did love’s promise,
Danc­ing towards tomorrow.

I knew you
The real you

Now those days seem boiled away,
The end­less waters of memory
Wrapped in a cir­clet of gold,
Laid to rest on the dusty planks

That soul I thought I knew, came undone
Dis­ap­peared, enig­mat­ic as the desert sands

And as I looked o’er my shoulder
A gaze as gold­en as the wheat-stalks
From all our yes­ter­days’ summers
A wink of set­ting sun

But the glint I saw was a reflection
From the hate­ful embers of loss

A soul I shared
In viva­cious mystery
An oasis for secret hopes
Inspir­ing me to dream

I stand alone now,
But I knew you once


It gives me warmth
To glance back and see

What we did,
And gave

Wings to the beloved,
New life to one so tiny,
Foun­da­tion to the lost,
Love to the abandoned

Eyes of turquoise ocean
Eyes of har­vest gold

Sis­ters in arms

The end­less trea­sures we knew,
Only deep­est seas could speak of

I knew you once

You taught me courage.


Hands touch­ing
Begins the odyssey
Two of the same
Delv­ing deep as the soul

Else­where, a key turns slowly,


Do you feel them?

Every­thing stand­ing on end
Qui­et becomes loud
Every speck of detail
A beat­ing heart
Two beat­ing hearts
The rhyth­mic pulse …

Into the arms of fairies
We watch our­selves slip
Soft­ly, sensually,
Deeply from a distance
And then completely.

The world moves around us,
A pock­et of time all its own –
Soverign land float­ing freely,
No rules save one

… inter­twine!

Lost in trance, ebbing bounds
As the body lets go its borders
The sun to set a thou­sand days
In this moment, eter­nal and safe

It feels like minutes,
Only hours,
Only days.

Time los­es her meaning

An old moon dances high,
Filled with joy’s blessings

The great­est awareness,
All things from love,
Soar­ing in the touch
Of two inter­twined hands

And my wings nev­er left me,
They’re flut­ter­ing, here?
Glance behind, glance above
Watch the world pass­ing by

I will grow this realm of love,
To scat­ter its hue among the stars
That all may find,
And intertwine.

Sincerely, a Fan.

Form­less and free, in uni­ver­sal form
Nei­ther one nor the oth­er, you walk
As gen­der you have enshrined
The beau­ty with­in both sides:
All of it, as far as possible
Nev­er stop­ping till all paths lit,

Brave­ly, with­out the ghost of shame or fear
You give the world a glance of the new –
Some­thing wild and free from bonds
Some­thing hon­est for all to love

For those like you,
The lights you burn,
The sparkle you let fly,
The doors you open,
The lines you shatter,
The stig­mas you erase,
And the fun you have doing it
With music and song …

For a job so very well done
As few would have courage to do

May you always stand tall above the tide.

Twisting Wires

Here I sit qui­et­ly, ever twist­ing wires,
A fey won­der of the world unseen

But as tur­moil leaves me nigh untouched
And those around me now turn a blind eye

I sim­ply sit qui­et­ly, twist­ing wires
Shap­ing anew the sub­tle realities

My mag­ic blends into dai­ly scenes
Trans­par­ent as glass in a silent pond

Chil­dren run and play in jovial bliss
While here I sit, the com­po­nents in my grasp

And my peers give me a nod, or the rare question
“What is it exact­ly that you do here?”

And I will but shrug, and let loose a smile
And pre­tend as if noth­ing had just happened

Time to car­ry on and see the next, friend,
Let us be car­ried away by a world of wonders!

A mil­lion glit­ter­ing fire­flies shall light my way home
As on invis­i­ble wings I will alight to my place

Now mid­night! I look down in wry smiles
And float up to the heart of the dreaming

Think­ing always of inalien­able truths
Think­ing always of my life’s call –

Mag­ic revealed ne’er brings dreams of its own
And won­ders in pieces are seen as just that,

So there, friend, lies my rea­sons of secrecy
For the world needs new won­ders each morn,
And the world needs new dream­ers each night,

Let inspi­ra­tion’s vision be thy clar­i­on call –
When you’re sit­ting still as I,
Qui­et­ly twist­ing wires.


Blos­som­ing clouds
Starfire and veils all!
Alight in free­dom’s breath,
Music of the heavens
Care­free laughs from on high

With starfire and veils
We dress the world with a ban­ner of hope
Anoint the land in drops of paradise

And from for­est crown to deep­est stream
Let our song ring and no ears fall deaf

Now let your body fall free
And your wings car­ry you high!

From this day you are reborn carefree,
To dance across the skies,
And nev­er miss a step.