Auditory Flashbacks: the Music of Ost+Front, Megaherz, and Lord of the Lost

Some­where along the way, my lis­ten­ing list got so large it hit that mag­i­cal tip­ping point where it became its own nov­el. By the end of this post, it will offi­cial­ly be 442 artists. Even the fair­ly robust Word­Press Edi­tor was hav­ing issues last time I tried to add more band links. I’ve post­ed *maybe* a quar­ter of them here on my site by now, but made full-fledged dis­cus­sion posts for far too few.

That’s going to change this year, as I’ll even­tu­al­ly get around to revamp­ing my con­tent a bit, along with a few changes to update fre­quen­cy and post format.


Today’s theme is Neue Deutsche Härte, and to that end, I have three sub­mis­sions for your lis­ten­ing pleasure.

First, there’s Ost+Front. What can I real­ly say here? Their stage pres­ence is the result of some­one sneak­ing into a genet­ic engi­neer­ing lab to com­bine Ramm­stein’s DNA with the entire cast of Dead Snow. Nazi zom­bies with awe­some voic­es? You’d bet­ter believe it.

BUT WHERE’S THE FIRE? In the lyrics, of course …

Next come these fine gen­tle­men — Mega­herz — a charm­ing export of Deutsch­land whose lead singer comes straight from that *oth­er* gene lab, y’know, the one that made a chimera out of Ven­om and Heath Ledger’s Jok­er. How’s that for a mag­ic trick?

The out­fit approach­es night­mare fuel, the zom­bie chase nails it, and I’m lov­ing the sound and lyrics. This song will be stay­ing in rota­tion, but from now on when any­one speaks the words “for ever” I’m going to flinch and imme­di­ate­ly reach for a machete. After all, we both know what’s com­ing next.

Zom­bies, zom­bies, who does­n’t enjoy zom­bies? Oh, wait, maybe I should men­tion this track comes from their new album Zom­bieland. Just in case that was­n’t obvi­ous. Can we have more?

All right, that brings me to the final offer­ing of today, Lord of the Lost. When it comes to their work, I’m torn on whether to begin with a seri­ous song or a ridicu­lous one.

Screw it, let’s go for ridiculous.

This one man­ages to upstage Elec­tric Six’s “Gay Bar” and makes a great ear­worm to boot, so in those qui­et times when you find your­self won­der­ing who con­ceived this mag­num opus, you’ll sud­den­ly real­ize you’ve also been hum­ming the cho­rus for the last two hours in the mid­dle of work. That, of course, might just tempt you to share it with a friend and rev­el in their imme­di­ate WTF reaction.

Now let’s jump over to Leipzig and dial back the tem­po for some­thing com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. Here’s their song “Cre­do” reworked for a per­for­mance at Goth­ic Meets Klas­sik:

There have been so many beau­ti­ful remakes, so many big names, and so much tal­ent to cross that stage, you’d be miss­ing out if you did­n’t take at least a lit­tle time to explore it fur­ther. More info.

Speak­ing of remakes, this post is at an end, so let’s fin­ish it off with a sexy, stun­ning cov­er of an old favourite:

Enjoy, and a won­der­ful night to you all.

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