Auditory Flashbacks: the Music of Ost+Front, Megaherz, and Lord of the Lost

Somewhere along the way, my listening list got so large it hit that magical tipping point where it became its own novel. By the end of this post, it will officially be 442 artists. Even the fairly robust WordPress Editor was having issues last time I tried to add more band links. I’ve posted *maybe* a quarter of them here on my site by now, but made full-fledged discussion posts for far too few.

That’s going to change this year, as I’ll eventually get around to revamping my content a bit, along with a few changes to update frequency and post format.


Today’s theme is Neue Deutsche Härte, and to that end, I have three submissions for your listening pleasure.

First, there’s Ost+Front. What can I really say here? Their stage presence is the result of someone sneaking into a genetic engineering lab to combine Rammstein’s DNA with the entire cast of Dead Snow. Nazi zombies with awesome voices? You’d better believe it.

BUT WHERE’S THE FIRE? In the lyrics, of course …

Next come these fine gentlemen — Megaherz — a charming export of Deutschland whose lead singer comes straight from that *other* gene lab, y’know, the one that made a chimera out of Venom and Heath Ledger’s Joker. How’s that for a magic trick?

The outfit approaches nightmare fuel, the zombie chase nails it, and I’m loving the sound and lyrics. This song will be staying in rotation, but from now on when anyone speaks the words “for ever” I’m going to flinch and immediately reach for a machete. After all, we both know what’s coming next.

Zombies, zombies, who doesn’t enjoy zombies? Oh, wait, maybe I should mention this track comes from their new album Zombieland. Just in case that wasn’t obvious. Can we have more?

All right, that brings me to the final offering of today, Lord of the Lost. When it comes to their work, I’m torn on whether to begin with a serious song or a ridiculous one.

Screw it, let’s go for ridiculous.

This one manages to upstage Electric Six’s “Gay Bar” and makes a great earworm to boot, so in those quiet times when you find yourself wondering who conceived this magnum opus, you’ll suddenly realize you’ve also been humming the chorus for the last two hours in the middle of work. That, of course, might just tempt you to share it with a friend and revel in their immediate WTF reaction.

Now let’s jump over to Leipzig and dial back the tempo for something completely different. Here’s their song “Credo” reworked for a performance at Gothic Meets Klassik:

There have been so many beautiful remakes, so many big names, and so much talent to cross that stage, you’d be missing out if you didn’t take at least a little time to explore it further. More info.

Speaking of remakes, this post is at an end, so let’s finish it off with a sexy, stunning cover of an old favourite:

Enjoy, and a wonderful night to you all.

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