Auditory Flashbacks: Cauda Pavonis, Adversus, Flesh Field, Aesthetic Perfection, Aïboforcen, Aeon Sable, The Birthday Massacre, Battery, and Qntal

After more than ten hours of hard work, the Links page is finally up to date, along with a slew of new additions to the music section. Artists beginning with letters A through F are complete, with each entry researched prior to listing in order to make the most useful resources available to readers who are interested in exploring further. In cases where an artist has retired or gone on hiatus, I’ve tried to link to resources that offer the most complete overview of their musical works.

Now that that’s finished, ON TO THE MUSIC!

Starting off tonight’s round of offerings is the awesome, driving sound of the one and only Cauda Pavonis:

Next up, we have the ultimate graveyard serenade: Adversus’ Seelenwinter. The song is an old favourite of mine, and seeing the video hits even harder than anything before.

Those voices, those melodies … they’re eight blissful, soaring minutes of pure lovelorn flight. I adore every part of it. Studio version here. Frankly, though, I think this one works much better live.

And now for a different kind of love song, the next track is performed by Flesh Field and remixed by L’Âme Immortelle for extra danceability:

On the subject of danceability, I suppose it’s only appropriate if I also throw in something from Aesthetic Perfection …

… something from Aïboforcen …

… something from Aeon Sable,

… and something from The Birthday Massacre.

All right, time to wind things down. On to the lush, layered soundscape of Battery’s “Doppelgänger”

And now, on to the grand finale.

I HIGHLY recommend you find a quiet, comfortable place to relax for this last song; you’ll probably want to put on headphones and turn out the lights, too. Hit PLAY, lie back and let yourself be enchanted … for these are the sounds of dreams eternal:

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s installment!
Warm wishes and starry tides,

~ crimson

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