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Interesting Ideas for Interesting Times

These argu­ments are sim­ply brilliant.

I know a lot of good con­ser­v­a­tives and lib­er­als, as well as oth­ers who fall some­where in between the two sides of the polit­i­cal spec­trum, and if there’s one les­son we all need to remem­ber in the cur­rent cli­mate of anx­i­ety, it’s that we all make mis­takes and we pos­sess the agency and capa­bil­i­ty to look with­in our­selves and cor­rect those mistakes.

In North Amer­i­ca, far-right and far-left ide­olo­gies have both been hijacked in recent years by a mutu­al­ly intense fear and hatred of the oth­er side, such that the fear and hate have both become ends in themselves.

This is why we’ve end­ed up with some decid­ed­ly out-of-place ideas infil­trat­ing each camp that fre­quent­ly lead to fur­ther harm and alien­ation as the feed­back loop inten­si­fies. It’s also why we see some peo­ple jump­ing ship, or jump­ing straight into the mid­dle of the conflict.

His­to­ry has shown it takes a del­i­cate and ded­i­cat­ed effort to walk the line and bring peo­ple to the mid­dle, or even to main­tain one’s own set of val­ues and respect the oth­er side, but it’s worth it. In Cana­da and in the US, time and time again, the uni­ty of diverse peo­ples has ush­ered in many of our very best accomplishments.

SCC to Parliament: Struck Down, Try Again! … and Other Adventures in Law Making

This post fol­lows a response to the Ottawa Cit­i­zen arti­cle from ear­li­er today:

[ Pun­ish the Clients, Not the Pros­ti­tutes ]

… which, in turn, fol­lows this his­toric Supreme Court rul­ing from last year:

[ ]

So here’s the TL;DR for any­one who’s not been fol­low­ing the issue: the Bed­ford case end­ed with a rul­ing by the Court that Canada’s cur­rent laws address­ing 3 key aspects of pros­ti­tu­tion are uncon­sti­tu­tion­al, and that they, in and of them­selves, have the effect of cre­at­ing gross­ly dis­pro­por­tion­ate safe­ty risks and oth­er prob­lems for the pros­ti­tutes them­selves. The SCC struck down the laws and gave Par­lia­ment 12 months to rewrite this legislation.

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Legal Self-Exemption Deconstructed

This evening, I was doing some research about a group call­ing itself “Freemen on the Land.” For those who haven’t heard of them, it’s a fringe move­ment that oper­ates on the erro­neous belief one can remove him­self from the rule, reach, and juris­dic­tion of his nation’s law.

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