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Reopen America: Reloaded

Let’s step back in time a lit­tle, and see what 30 days of hind­sight have pro­vid­ed.

Remem­ber the armed pro­test­ers who were lead­ing the “Reopen Amer­i­ca” move­ment, clad in plate car­ri­ers and AR-15s, spew­ing patri­ot­ic non­sense and threat­en­ing law­mak­ers to the extent this even­tu­al­ly result­ed in clo­sure of a gov­ern­ment build­ing?

Yeah, those pro­test­ers.

It turns out — and real­ly, to no one’s huge sur­prise — that the back-to-work move­ment at odds with major­i­ty pub­lic opin­ion on the COVID-19 lock­down end­ed up being as fake as a three-dol­lar bill. While it may have racked up a few fol­low­ers here and there from the gen­er­al pub­lic, at its core it has always been orches­trat­ed and fund­ed by deep-pock­et­ed lob­by­ing net­works seek­ing to throw their weight around, and it remains so.

… or, in the more com­mon par­lance, astro­turf­ing.

On Hate: Charlottesville And Beyond

Dur­ing one more in a long line of racist clash­es in the Unit­ed States, one pro­test­er was mur­dered and at least nine­teen oth­ers injured after a Neo-Nazi from Ida­ho attend­ed the “Unite the Right” ral­ly at Char­lottesville, VA, and pro­ceed­ed to dri­ve his car into the crowd.

A run­ning theme with white nation­al­ists, Neo-Nazis, and oth­er hate groups is they’ve tried repeat­ed­ly to avoid the name they’ve earned for them­selves while still try­ing to per­pe­trate all of the moral and crim­i­nal wrongs his­tor­i­cal­ly asso­ci­at­ed with their move­ments. To vary­ing degrees, they will advo­cate fer­vent­ly in pub­lic spaces for the advance­ment of racism, social seg­re­ga­tion, racist pro­pa­gan­da, hate speech, acts of vio­lence, and even mur­der, but if recent news cov­er­age is any indi­ca­tion, many seem unable to stom­ach the idea of get­ting caught or called out for their dis­gust­ing behav­iour.

This, in and of itself, speaks vol­umes.

Remem­ber — if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, then racist apol­o­gists be damned, it’s a fuckin’ duck.

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