Tonight, an eve so wreathed by beauty
Cast in moon­lit pitch of the heights above
So gaze on high and see the shadows …
Give your­self to the unqui­et side

Dip and swoosh in the moon’s hap­py wake, in a cot­ton can­dy sky
Nip and tease of sharp Decem­ber’s air, swirling as it may

Tonight we go as high as ever
Tonight in snow, as strong as ever
Tonight in peace, as slick as ever
Tonight in dream, as qui­et as ever
Tonight in love, to be young forever

Today was learned by those who listened
By those who loved, who threw me their hearts,
By those who ate the uni­verse and felt its savour,
Don’t you feel its whis­pers in you?

Today was won in amber melodies
By the glow­ing can­dles and a min­strel’s touch,
By the gut­tur­al notes of a war­rior’s song,
Don’t you hear her call­ing your name?

And here I hear her sil­very voice
Bind­ing all that is and will be,
At once the death and birth of the soul
In even this one moment bright,

Just …

And the caress of the night –
Whose touch will always be welcome.

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