Floating Up in the Dark

A world of mys­tery for the sis­ters at heart,
Echoed through his­to­ry and whis­pered inside
(Tell me how many of us have awak­ened,
Tell me how many of our paths have been changed.)

Some of us walk free with friends by our sides
Nev­er let­ting the warmth of com­fort pass by
Some of us walk alone fac­ing pain in long lives
With the bare rock of remem­brance to stur­dy our call
And but one small idea that would bring us this far
(You’ve come this far)
So why not see more?
So why not go fur­ther?
We do not fol­low, dear hearts — we lead,
And we are what we are.
See us and love us, or cast us away,
Through all our tomor­rows we shall soar,

I am for­ev­er free,
And for­ev­er me.

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