As I lay down my head
Turn­ing off for the stars
In the night to the mists
Now con­veyed as a spark

Now a ghost in the shell
And the dreams that may come
Be the king of the world
Or a dove in the skies

But what good is a king
Whose rich­es turn to tears?
And where is my peace
Once my sun­lit flight shall end?

With a down­load flash
I’ll be back in my body
To car­ry the fiery sunrise
For anoth­er new day

And we’re ask­ing why
To the dawn of the endless
And we’re ask­ing why
That this dream­ing ends

Oh why, with cap in hand
We’re offloaded to a fall
And a hun­dred blinks of chaos?
To sort it piece by piece …

And as I mourn this night
A bil­lion mar­tyred stars,
Flame-tongued war­riors, kept on fighting
For a breath of day­light freedom

And will I live again?
Does this air greet my face,
Or was it shuf­fled away, so random
Dur­ing the dreams of day­light glory? –
To open oth­er doors,
Which leads me far from home.

And we call it the soul
Which is it real­ly nature’s code?
And it seems like … no one
Tru­ly sees the bugs within

For now they call it death,
Until I call to end the dream
With a show­er of sakura
And a bil­lion sun-ground raindrops

And now we call it life,
We call it life.

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