My path any­thing but what it seemed,
Inerasable sin star­ing from the mirror
Cry­ing soft­ly as these lives stir the air
Recall­ing knowl­edge paid for with pain

When they said the stars are in reach,
The one thing I’d neglect­ed to know –
They burn hard­er on every approach
They sear deep­er than eyes can see

A chrysalis of flame
Is burn­ing behind these ocean eyes
Rewrite that life a thou­sand times
It’s nev­er going to be good enough

Rewrite that day
The call of an inerasable sin
Some­thing gained quietly
For some­thing deaf­en­ing­ly lost

I walk for­ward on these legs,
Shape this future with my hands;
Rewrite that flame-kissed scar
By the price of what I gained

What’s left over felt incomplete
As if it was a burned-out town
A reminder of a pur­er humanity
That had lived before the truth

Now this leg stands inert,
And these hands far too slow
While I qui­et­ly bear the grief
To stay true to my heart

Rewrite that day
A thou­sand times
Can’t give back knowledge
No mat­ter how hard you try

Can’t mask the pain
Or return to that life,
Its pow­er and love bought
By yes­ter­day’s choices

So I’ll rebuild this body stronger
With my own creations
Steel hands, burn­ing stars for eyes
And take this silent chance

… to rewrite today.

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