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Finally, Some Clarity in the Rob Ford Scandal

For those of us in Cana­da and abroad who have kept an eye to the news, there have been some very shock­ing rev­e­la­tions in the ongo­ing Rob Ford scan­dal, above all else that the may­or of Toron­to has admit­ted he smoked crack cocaine and pur­chased ille­gal sub­stances.

This, in and of itself, should right­ful­ly mer­it charges under the Con­trolled Drugs and Sub­stances Act if we are to apply the law even­ly to a hold­er of office as we would to any­one else on the street. Cocaine is a Sched­ule 1 con­trolled sub­stance car­ry­ing a manda­to­ry min­i­mum sen­tence. Due to the recent tough­en­ing of Cana­di­an drug laws and drug pol­i­cy, law enforce­ment does not look kind­ly on either sim­ple pos­ses­sion or trans­ac­tions for the pur­pos­es of obtain­ing an ille­gal substance.

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Adobe Has Been Hacked!

It’s much worse than any­one could have imagined.

Ini­tial­ly esti­mat­ed at a data breach of 3 mil­lion com­pro­mised cus­tomer accounts, includ­ing cred­it card data and order records, the total has since risen over the past month to 38 mil­lion cus­tomer accounts, and more recent­ly, an updat­ed esti­mate has pegged the num­ber of com­pro­mised accounts at 150 mil­lion. The hack­ers were also able to make off with some of Adobe’s clos­est-guard­ed secrets, includ­ing the source code for Pho­to­shop and sev­er­al oth­er major projects.

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Review: Rechargeable Batteries, and Why They’re Awesome

Now that we’re final­ly see­ing the dig­i­tal age slide into matu­ri­ty, the best advice any­one can take to heart is find­ing the per­fect bat­ter­ies. While dis­pos­ables remain in exis­tence even today, includ­ing the famil­iar alka­line cells com­mon­ly sold by depart­ment stores, the real­i­ty is these tech­nolo­gies have become out­dat­ed and are com­plete­ly inad­e­quate for meet­ing the needs of today’s advanced electronics.

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(Lyrics for this song can be found here.)

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