Shed the skins of a fall­en age
Cast adrift and set the car­cass ablaze
Laugh­ing, singing in tense morn­ing air
As Nero’s fid­dle plays for­ev­er on
Flee the cities and the mad­mens’ rage
Away, death calls in the vil­lage square

From con­ster­na­tion, fright and fires
Adren­a­line, fear and liars

Escape the iron of the tyrants’ fists
Spir­it­ed away to a lagoon of dreams
Cut the teth­ers, let your­self swim deep
Lush­er forests, lurid full moon eve
Amber flick­ers in the cot­tage’s pane
Light­ning blue as the faery-lights wane

Crash­ing, rolling into gold­en silence
Stings the heart with tragedy’s violence

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