On that sum­mer’s night these wings saw flight.
On a sum­mer’s night my hopes flared bright.
Head swim­ming, storms of sil­vered love
Soar­ing bound­less, ever far­ther above

Fate­ful moment, so cru­el and unjust
Now all we had is no more than dust

Mer­cy’s no elixir. Is there an escape?
Teach me, love, make me a believer.
Unqui­et visions at night, and will I live?
Break me, love, make me a survivor.

Lying pained so long I cry.
Fight­ing time and sharp self-loathing.
Can I break depres­sion’s hold?
I yearn for con­so­la­tion once more.

Scars will fade with time’s caress;
Pain is dulled by age and wisdom;
Deep­er things are not forgotten;
Here I stand, armoured again.

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