Live to Endure

in silent dark­ness, I found my faith
among rag­ing fires, I knew a peace
amidst my tor­tures, I learned to love

with­in the void, my fortress strong
with­in the fume, my chok­ing shroud
with­in the pain, my strength of will

learn­ing to ques­tion the old beliefs
gasp­ing for air, a sweet spring breeze
los­ing my strength to a lover’s fist

they say we’ll always rebuild the walls
they say we’ll ever breathe again
they say we’ll feel true one day

when will that day be mine, I ask?
with­out the regret of ten thou­sand days
or mem­o­ry of bro­ken love to treasure?

the faith I had went down the drain
the fires that burned are ash and ice
the strain has become a part of me

the moment came when I learned the truth
the moment came when the spark was renewed
the moment came when a kiss was sweet

so here I stand, with test­ed strength
here I burn, with a pas­sion for fear
here I love, with this taint­ed desire

yours to make and yours to break.

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