Walking Free

Deep blue skies and moon­stone flash,
Whith­er went my dreams, old friend
‘Till I remem­bered you?

How small my place on ground would seem,
‘Till I looked up to your bound­less veils
Your brazen clouds, crisp knights of air

How bound I might feel on this dim land,
‘Till I saw the burn­ing sap­phire above
Where to launch my soul so high and free

And the winds, they charge to end­less days,
Soft whis­pers of dreams and threads of life
A blast of cold to wake you at morn

And the stars, O the stars that shine down in eves,
The night remem­bers our toils and wins
And gives us rest from this rush’ed life

And back they’ll come at dawn’s first light
Anoth­er day, anoth­er chance to gaze upon
The air­borne knights and moon­stone flash

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