If cou­pling is what your stan­dard bears, sex is all you’ll see,
If ease becomes your bat­tle cry, small pains you’ll always flee,
And self-ful­fill­ing prophe­cies, such inno­cent lies of thee,
The new world’s but a step away, if only you’d look up and see!

Why do you pun­ish your­self when you’re no dif­fer­ent than I?
Why do you for­sake strong wings when you can eas­i­ly fly?

How long will you stay your hand, oppressed by the tooth­less ghost?
How long will you be pris­on­er to thy­self, long­ing to see the coast?
How long will you refuse to know your strength and feel it is yours?
How long till you smile to me and walk through these open doors?

Being a friend is fraught with hard­ship, but about this time of pain,
The answer has been in front of you — why will you do this again?
Can you not take charge of your­self and let these specters go?
Must all the world be your stage, from dra­mat­ic high to low?

If you say you’re seri­ous in reclaim­ing your life,
Then please stop act­ing like you’re Mis­ery’s wife!

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