Echo in Time

The days before that mem­o­rable kiss
We walked among ceme­ter­ies in the August fire
And scarce­ly an epi­taph did we miss
Endur­ing the blaze of Apol­lo’s ire

Onward we skipped, o’er grass and stone
Pon­der­ing the lives these peo­ple had known

The clock struck noon, when we saw a stat­ue white
Of lovers like us, with a hand in hand
Wings they had not, yet they seemed to fly
Earth­bound, heads up, bravest face to the sky
The sight was unlike all oth­ers in the land
It will ever remain in my thoughts, day and night

Will we one day stand as tall as they,
Walk­ing togeth­er, hand in hand?
Will we stand in stone to inspire you one day,
Wreathed in ros­es, hand in hand?

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