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Con­front­ed by the light of day!
A sym­pho­ny of gold and azure-gray,
Hill­sides dark­en with solemn breath
As dusk’s glow dies a fresh­er death

Novem­ber ides, how calm and clear!
Airs of par­adise are ever nearer …

Cloud­burst’s tongue flit o’er horizons
Shim­mer­ing smoke red among the mist
Tonight the song of man for­ev­er wisens
And in tears of sky my cheeks be kiss’d


Gen­tle breezes kiss my hair
Fleet­ing, float­ing low in air
Emo­tions chang­ing places
Expres­sion­less dark faces
The cen­ter gave out long ago
Razed to be rebuilt you know
Betrayed at last by rag­ing blood
Stand aside and face the flood

Do you see free­dom high above oceans …
Do you see worlds in shim­mer­ing dewdrops?

Cas­cad­ing flames and drifts of snow
Burn­ing skin and mistletoe
Winds of con­quest blow­ing hard
Lay­ing down anoth­er card
Run fast run hard and nev­er stop
So far falls one more teardrop
Luna’s hands on silent air
Char­i­ots of ice to greet them there

Do you see free­dom high above oceans …
Do you see worlds in shim­mer­ing dewdrops?

Sweetest Touch

With blind­ers off and cast aside
I tread this path, to unknown lands.
The world I nev­er thought I’d know
To see true beau­ty in all its splendour.

To exude emo­tion untaint­ed, unbridled
As moun­tains inside are pushed aside
Hori­zons call­ing clear as the sil­ver ring
Of Love’s heart­beat and Hope’s return!

Even cold souls, hearts entombed of old
In hard­est jade and masked with gold
Can no more hold their dam­aged lines
As they crum­ble under ris­ing tides
And are torn asun­der by pas­sion’s touch
Trans­formed, renewed by rip­ples of light.

Walk Beside Death

Walk beside Death
And fear no more,
For his obsid­i­an steel armour
Is nev­er lost to time
And the flash of ligh­t­in­ing in his eyes
Can one day be yours too;

Walk beside Death, wise one
Learn hence all secrets,
Whsipered when the liv­ing pass
Bare wis­dom from old gods
They fil­ter out from soul to soul
And bring the liv­ing love;

Walk beside Death, per­se­v­er­ent one
And nev­er may you wane,
The spir­it’s wish is the void’s command
Which nev­er fails to abide
And all you do and all you are
Two lands joined by veil shall know;

Walk beside Death, pas­sion­ate one
For true love knows no bounds,
When body dies and worms rule its fate
Your being shall endure
And when your lover comes, o hand in hand
She’ll greet you in a kiss;

Walk beside Death, hope­less one
But learn its les­son well
It teach­es strength of will, and those with none in life
Shall have none in death as well
For sui­cide’s lip-lock finds no solace
And thus is a soul reborn;

Walk beside Death, just one
And meet your judge’s eyes
For the world’s great­est leveller
Is but an end of life
Dis­patch­ing with­out discrimination
Renew­ing all through rot;

Walk beside Death, pious one
But live a life of con­scious mind,
The heed­less shall nev­er see their God
Past pale rebirth’s flash
And the self-for­sak­en know not mov­ing forth
Till they claim it as their own;

Walk beside Death, Hol­ly­wood one
Leave your fast-paced plas­tic talk show life,
Stripped of diver­sions you’ll come to conclusions
That you nev­er knew before
But with scant wis­dom under sil­i­cone facades
You’ve no sub­stance to bring back home;

Walk beside death
And fear no more.

Citadel Down

Dawn’s gold­en womb was tainted –
Two citadels of con­crete buckled.

Frag­ments raining,
Whistling winds,
Peo­ple under siege
From ten blocks off;

A hun­dred sto­ries to tell
Of a hun­dred sto­ries to fall,
But none shall live to tell that story;
All were crushed as a bub­ble is popped.

Now comes the methane after-fires,
On a lake of boil­ing kerosene
The final mono­lith thun­der­ing down
Below the rub­ble, a crescen­do of screams …

Three thou­sand dead, two thou­sand imprisoned,
Hearts in holes, eyes closed to pain
Minds numbed in lone­ly office-cells.

And still the fires come,
With a sweet-meat char of flesh in the air,
Cast­ing mori­bund shad­ows in the plas­ter dusk,
Still the fires come.

Seeing the Rain

spat­ters on windows –
old Thor’s swim­ming pool
final­ly sprung a leak

Echo in Time

The days before that mem­o­rable kiss
We walked among ceme­ter­ies in the August fire
And scarce­ly an epi­taph did we miss
Endur­ing the blaze of Apol­lo’s ire

Onward we skipped, o’er grass and stone
Pon­der­ing the lives these peo­ple had known

The clock struck noon, when we saw a stat­ue white
Of lovers like us, with a hand in hand
Wings they had not, yet they seemed to fly
Earth­bound, heads up, bravest face to the sky
The sight was unlike all oth­ers in the land
It will ever remain in my thoughts, day and night

Will we one day stand as tall as they,
Walk­ing togeth­er, hand in hand?
Will we stand in stone to inspire you one day,
Wreathed in ros­es, hand in hand?