Walk Beside Death

Walk beside Death
And fear no more,
For his obsid­i­an steel armour
Is nev­er lost to time
And the flash of ligh­t­in­ing in his eyes
Can one day be yours too;

Walk beside Death, wise one
Learn hence all secrets,
Whsipered when the liv­ing pass
Bare wis­dom from old gods
They fil­ter out from soul to soul
And bring the liv­ing love;

Walk beside Death, per­se­v­er­ent one
And nev­er may you wane,
The spir­it’s wish is the void’s command
Which nev­er fails to abide
And all you do and all you are
Two lands joined by veil shall know;

Walk beside Death, pas­sion­ate one
For true love knows no bounds,
When body dies and worms rule its fate
Your being shall endure
And when your lover comes, o hand in hand
She’ll greet you in a kiss;

Walk beside Death, hope­less one
But learn its les­son well
It teach­es strength of will, and those with none in life
Shall have none in death as well
For sui­cide’s lip-lock finds no solace
And thus is a soul reborn;

Walk beside Death, just one
And meet your judge’s eyes
For the world’s great­est leveller
Is but an end of life
Dis­patch­ing with­out discrimination
Renew­ing all through rot;

Walk beside Death, pious one
But live a life of con­scious mind,
The heed­less shall nev­er see their God
Past pale rebirth’s flash
And the self-for­sak­en know not mov­ing forth
Till they claim it as their own;

Walk beside Death, Hol­ly­wood one
Leave your fast-paced plas­tic talk show life,
Stripped of diver­sions you’ll come to conclusions
That you nev­er knew before
But with scant wis­dom under sil­i­cone facades
You’ve no sub­stance to bring back home;

Walk beside death
And fear no more.

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