Sincerely, a Fan.

Form­less and free, in uni­ver­sal form
Nei­ther one nor the oth­er, you walk
As gen­der you have enshrined
The beau­ty with­in both sides:
All of it, as far as possible
Nev­er stop­ping till all paths lit,

Brave­ly, with­out the ghost of shame or fear
You give the world a glance of the new –
Some­thing wild and free from bonds
Some­thing hon­est for all to love

For those like you,
The lights you burn,
The sparkle you let fly,
The doors you open,
The lines you shatter,
The stig­mas you erase,
And the fun you have doing it
With music and song …

For a job so very well done
As few would have courage to do

May you always stand tall above the tide.

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