Hands touch­ing
Begins the odyssey
Two of the same
Delv­ing deep as the soul

Else­where, a key turns slowly,


Do you feel them?

Every­thing stand­ing on end
Qui­et becomes loud
Every speck of detail
A beat­ing heart
Two beat­ing hearts
The rhyth­mic pulse …

Into the arms of fairies
We watch our­selves slip
Soft­ly, sensually,
Deeply from a distance
And then completely.

The world moves around us,
A pock­et of time all its own –
Soverign land float­ing freely,
No rules save one

… inter­twine!

Lost in trance, ebbing bounds
As the body lets go its borders
The sun to set a thou­sand days
In this moment, eter­nal and safe

It feels like minutes,
Only hours,
Only days.

Time los­es her meaning

An old moon dances high,
Filled with joy’s blessings

The great­est awareness,
All things from love,
Soar­ing in the touch
Of two inter­twined hands

And my wings nev­er left me,
They’re flut­ter­ing, here?
Glance behind, glance above
Watch the world pass­ing by

I will grow this realm of love,
To scat­ter its hue among the stars
That all may find,
And intertwine.

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