Spirit of War

Lov­ing­ly I wrap thee, Fury
In steel-armoured ribbons
Around a frost­ed heart of bronze

Whilst I wan­der among the stars
Strik­ing the last tomor­row’s fire
In aware­ness there shall come a time

How wan this world has become
It all its fad­ed, faint-heart glories
So now, how fierce a song will grow

Majes­tic sym­pho­ny of hatred’s guile
Entwin­ing each fiber of our hearts
Build­ing us up to shat­ter us whole

Today I sit in a cold­ly famil­iar place
Rap­ture and fury to the end of all days
It was as if I nev­er left, so long ago

Away the veils!
Away the cover!

Let all be seen and heard –

I am the Eye of War, wit­ness to this world!
Blood-stained and cast aloft in crys­tal palace
Watch­ing emo­tions die smil­ing and proud

I am the Heart of War, a gold­en trum­pet blast!
Scream hav­oc and loose the hounds in prejudice
Now the hard­er we’ll clash, the brighter we shine

I am the Hands of War, the finest crafts­man alive!
Laboured dusk and dawn, forge brim­ming a‑fright
Nev­er feel­ing the beau­ty with­in anoth­er vel­vet eve

I am the Voice of War, buoy­ing all courage of men!
Birthed with­out ears or any love of gen­tle touch
To lead the charge, remain fear­less past all ends

I am the Feet of War, thun­der of the eter­nal march!
The clank of armored troops, Death’s uneasy grasp
To walk until the end of time, nev­er miss­ing a step

I am the Mind of War, labyrinth of fol­ly’s riddles!
Cre­at­ed by we mor­tals to feel what can’t be tamed
In silent hands to flat­ten hon­our, smash our trust

I am the Spir­it of War in flight — whith­er my caution?
Falling away in flash­bulb hue, in slow disintegration
You can’t feel regret once there’s noth­ng left to feel

I am the Spir­it of War,
And in being consumed,
My down­fall is complete.

I am overtaken,
I am vicious,
I am overpowered,
I am burnt barren,
I am tear-quenched,
I am lost.

I am the Spir­it of War:
I was not made for human consumption.
This is my legacy.
Remem­ber it well.

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