Unspoken, Unknown

Gaz­ing upon the poi­soned past,
To see the source of so many troubles
Look­ing out to the desires of old
Who but for truth would have been forever

I wished for eter­ni­ty for just so long
A want of com­mit­ment, born out of fear
Each love was a bird alight with feath­ers of dust
But each fell too soon, long in its dying song

In time I saw Love was not the ene­my at the gate
In time the truth came out, earned by time and pain
Of loss and mis­placed faith, of love wrought to die

As the sun tread sheared trails of red in evening air
I saw with­in me the trap of vic­ar­i­ous confidence –
The ene­my unspo­ken, its face ’til now unknown.

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